YouTube Stuff

The idea is to show some of my works, outside of Enthusiast Gaming, that are part of a channel's brand.

RGT 85 - Retro Gaming Tube 85

Shawn Long started this channel 3 years ago and since then has amassed over 100k subscribers and over 20 million views.

He also appears (and have appeared) in multiple podcasts and events, and his growing popularity is showing how much effort he is doing.

This didn't help on his success, but I did make most of the brand aspects for the channel and I hope to keep updating it with the time. There're shirts too!

Class Vs Crass Podcast

An over 3-year-old podcast hosted by Jason Lepine and Shawn Long. It started on Nintendo Enthusiast's YouTube channel but moved to Jason's Hey Jay! channel after its 100th episode.

While I did the animations, logo and the podcast's original songs, I'm not the author of the drawings of Jason and Shawn.