Current Experiences

Some of the things I'm currently doing.


Asociación Mutual de Venado Tuerto

I'm currently doing an internship at the IT department. It is a mix of helping employees to fix problems, making projects using Visual Studio, doing several minor responsibilities and tasks. I still have a lot of learn, but I learnt a lot since I joined.

Previous Experiences / Finished Works

Some things stay in the past. Memories does not, except when you forget them.
I also add here works that aren't exactly in the past, but are not current either. Strange, isn't it?


Enthusiast Gaming

I joined Nintendo Enthusiast in 2014, and during four years I did a variety of tasks, mostly image editing.

After they became the Enthusiast Gaming Network, I found myself doing some images for a couple of events and even for acquired sites such as Destructoid and Daily eSports.

I left in August due to time constraints, but I'm around Destructoid.

Retro Gaming Tube 85


Or Retro Gaming Tube 85 for long, is Shawn Long's personal channel and is focused on retro gaming with a touch of modern gaming.

This channel is slowly exploding in popularity, and has reached over 100k subscribers.

My part? Most of the brand: the intro (both video and melody), logo and other small aspects.


Class Vs Crass

First it was Week in Review, then Nintendo in 90. Next, a podcast was born called Class Vs Crass, hosted by Jason Lepine and Shawn Long.

It is currently streamed at Jason's Hey Jay! YouTube channel and has accumulated over 100 episodes in three years.

I did the music theme, brand and opening animations for both Nintendo in 90 and Class Vs Crass.


Tenencia Responsable de Animales

In order to raise awareness around pets and animal ownership, I was asked to help in a video campaign for local TV exposition plus a regional event.
It wasn't a big deal nor I charged for it, but it was a nice experience (except standing hours in front a TV for two days in a row).

And more stuff

It is missing a few elements as I did a terrible job keeping track of what I did through the years, plus I skipped a few elements I explain at the bottom.

Other works
Sites Logos:
  • Nintenpedia, before known as 3DSPedia
  • Anthem Hub
  • FantasyProLeagues
  • Mauro Palacios - Bienes Raíces
YouTube brands:
  • Kpop O'Clock and GMT for Brett Medlock
  • Rax The Great
  • FantasyProLeagues
  • Mauro Palacios - Bienes Raíces
Other YouTube stuff:
  • Rerez - remade thumbnails for one of the channel's feature series.
  • Gamester81 - edited a video feature by Shawn Long.

This is no a full list, as I excluded some works I did under Enthusiast Gaming. An example is the original logo for The Come Up, a Super Smash Bros. tournament held in Toronto.