A small summary of the works and experiences I had during recent years. I may be missing a few aspects, but I made sure to make it as complete as I could.

Current Experiences

Enthusiast Gaming

I started on Nintendo Enthusiast in 2014, where I did several tasks including image and video editing. My works reached different sites as the company grow as Enthusiast Gaming Network, including sites such as Destructoid, Daily eSports , and small events.

Despite a year hiatus due time constraints, I'm once again editing content including more sites such as Escapist Magazine and other owned sites.


I'm a collaborator at the indie studio, doing mostly small tasks: Spanish translations, game manuals, image, and video editing and game testing. The games I'm involucrated with are PING 1.5+, GO! GO! Electric Samurai and PING REDUX.

Previous or Finished Experiences

Retro Gaming Tube 85

Shawn Long's personal channel, focused on retro videogames news with a small focus on modern gaming.

I did most of the brand aspects, such as the logo, opening song, shirt designs and other artwork. I even edited a video feature published on Gamester81.

Class VS Crass

A podcast that started on Nintendo Enthusiast's YouTube channel, hosted by Jason Lepine and Shawn Long.

Working as a sucessor of Week in Review and Nintendo in 90, the show is currenly streamed att Jason's Hey Jay! YouTube channel, accumulating over a hundred episodes.

Asociación Mutual de Venado Tuerto

An internship I did in the IT department for 15 months. It was a mix of helping employees from different subsidiaries, small administrative tasks, and project development using Visual Studio.

It was a good starting point for programming as I had to learn MYSQL and Visual C#, and since I did their website, a good opportunity to catch on HTML and CSS.

Volunteer Experiences

Tenencia Responsable de Animales

I helped to make a video campaign that was featured on local TV and a regional event. The intent was to raise awareness around pets and animal ownership.

It was a nice experience but wasn't a fan of standing in front of a TV for hours under the Sun.

EESO 244 - Martín Miguel de Güemes

A project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the school. It included video editing, image restoration, and the design and research for a magazine with the history of the institution.

Other Experiences


Logos or brands

YouTube staff